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  •  The island Gallinara is a small island located near the Ligurian coast, in the Riviera di Ponente, in front of the Municipality of Albenga belongs to. The island is 1.5 km from the coast, from which it is separated by a deep channel in media12 mt; it is the Regional Natural Reserve of the Isle of Gallinara.
  • The ancient village of Colla Micheri is easily reached by car in 15 minutes from the hotel or on foot going up for about 1 hour. Among the houses, where time seems to stand still, you will also find a restaurant in typical Ligurian dishes.
  • Ancient village of Triora (village of witches) Walking through the village, advancing into the narrow alleys, under vaults and arches carved in the rock, in the dark caverns of dilapidated houses, is like stepping back in time. A sort of medieval astonishment takes to go dark arcades, dark alleyways, stairways, streets catacomb blackened by the smoke of centuries, from Saracen fires or Nazi TNT.

  • Cervo is a historic core completely renovated preserving the original characteristics of the village, located on the slopes of the hills in front of the sea is easily reached by car in 20 minutes.


What to do in Laigueglia

Enjoy the beach is the best activity of Laigueglia but for the more active there are wonderful walks that the country offers:

in the hills, for the sport to enjoy the view of the bay from the small village of Colla Micheri that is directly above Laigueglia on altureed is accessible by car or on foot in 15 minutes in 1 hour walk up the hill;

flat to the town of Alassio which is just 3 km walk (about 30 min walk) from Laigueglia on the promenade or on hot days with their feet in the water on the edge of the sea and travel more than 6 km from the beach Laigueglia Alassio easily with water to the ankles.

The sanctuary of cetaceans: the excursion departing from Laigueglia has a duration of about 6 hours, 5 of which are offshore. The starting point of the boat is the new quay of the central dock.



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